Friday, November 23, 2018

Stettler RCMP issue warning about Gift Cloud (pyramid) scheme

RCMP Alberta - The Stettler RCMP has recently obtained information on an illegal scheme being conducted in Stettler commonly referred to as a 'Gift Cloud'. The premise of this scheme is that people are invited to participate in what's considered a gift sharing group in which each participant will provide an amount of money that will be put in a 'pot' that will be given to the person at the 'top' of the pyramid and be removed from the group.

Once this happens, the group will split into 2 with participants moving 'up a level' and those below are encouraged to recruit additional people to continue the cycle again.

Some common themes involving this scheme are:

· Participants are often told to keep their involvement secret

· The money is called a 'gift'

· Participants are told the 'Gift Cloud' is not illegal because the money involved is considered a gift

· Participants are told their involvement is helping others in need

· Names suggesting the group is for a greater good. Some names within AB have included 'Prosperity', 'Women Empowering Women' and 'Gift Cloud'

· Often target women, but there are indications that men's groups are also in operation

This type of activity is illegal in Canada under the Criminal Code and there have been cases of those involved being charged for a variety of offences.

If you find you've become involved in this type of situation, the Stettler RCMP would like to encourage you to all the police, Crimestoppers or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (1-888-495-8501).

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