Thursday, November 22, 2018

Town of Pincher Creek denies two cannabis retail sales applications

Town of Pincher Creek - Two applications for cannabis retail sales were discussed this morning (November 20, 2018) at the Municipal Development Subdivision Authority (MDSA) meeting.  Both applications were refused. The applications were refused due to their proposed locations not adhering to the Municipal cannabis retail sale Bylaw No.1547.

The Town of Pincher Creek Land Use Bylaw No.1547 does allow retail sales of cannabis in the Town of Pincher Creek. However, as per the bylaw cannabis retail sales are NOT permitted with in 100 meters of Provincial Health Care Facilities, Public Parks, Public Recreation Facilities, Liquor stores or other cannabis retailers. In addition, cannabis retail sales are not permitted within 200 meters of schools or childcare facilities.

At the meeting it was deemed that the two proposed locations did not comply with the above bylaw.

Applications for cannabis retail sales will continue to be accepted through the regular process at the Town Office. Cannabis retail sales are allowed in six (6) different land use districts as a discretionary use in the Town of Pincher Creek.

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