Thursday, February 28, 2019

Wildfire operations prepare for 2019 season

Government of Alberta - It might still be winter, but wildfire officials are already preparing for this year’s wildfire season.  Alberta’s wildfire season officially runs from March 1 to October 31. Across the province’s forest areas, firefighters, equipment and aircraft are being put in place as part of Alberta’s commitment to wildfire response.

As of March 1, fire permits are required for any burning, except campfires, in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta. Fire permits let firefighters know exactly where planned burning is being done. Permits also help prevent false calls, which ensures firefighters are available for real wildfire response. Fire permits are free and can be requested from any Agriculture and Forestry office.

Last fire season, 1,288 wildfires burned more than 59,800 hectares in Alberta.  

More than 60 per cent (777) of 2018’s wildfires were human-caused.

If you see a wildfire burning in the forest, report it toll-free at 310-FIRE (3473).

“Protecting Albertans and their communities from the dangers of wildfires is our highest priority, but wildfire prevention is a shared responsibility. More than half our wildfires are human-caused. Getting a permit, following any fire bans or restrictions and burning responsibly are simple ways we can all do our part to prevent wildfires.” - Oneil Carlier, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
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