Monday, April 1, 2019

Beaver Mines sewer project Gong Show continues

Cornell Van Ryk - At the MD Council Meeting on March 25, 2019, Council effectively decided to start over at square one on the Beaver Mines Sewer project.

When I first put pen to paper regarding this project, I anticipated one or two letters to the editor. Little did I know this thing would turn into a saga. Readers are probably as tired of reading my rants as I am of writing them.

Council kicked this project off in the summer of 2016 (it had been studied before but it was about then that Provincial/Federal grant money was being tossed around and they got serious about doing something). You’ll have to go back to my numerous rants on the subject to follow the timeline and sequence of events if interested. Council turned the management of the project over to MPE (an engineering and construction company).

Since 2016 there has been many $10,000 spent on the sewer component of this project. Options have been presented to Council and then for one reason or another became not viable. All the while, the cash register was “kerchinking” (is that a word?). Council moved much of the discussion around this project behind closed doors and it is difficult to say how much money has actually been spent.

So here we are, almost 3 years later, and we are going to start over. In that 3 years we have changed out almost 1/2 of the Council, the CAO and the Director of Operations. MPE, however, continues to plug away, little progress, no end in sight but lots of billable hours. Not a bad gig if you can get it. 

Council has let us down by allowing this to carry on for so long. This circus would be entertaining if it was not so expensive. They continue to praise the administration and contract participants and hope things will miraculously change. One wonders how many mulligans the engineers are allowed and how much money will be spent before we either get the poop moving or find someone else to deliver this project.

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