Crestview Lodge construction project to receive $9.8 million in provincial and federal funding

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The construction of a new Crestview Lodge in Pincher Creek went from long shot to upcoming reality with the announcement today of $9.8 million in funding from the Province of Alberta and the Government of Canada. The new lodge will replace the existing 47-unit Crestview Lodge with a new 50-unit structure that will be built in stages to allow Crestview’s tenants to remain in the old lodge until their new modern rooms are completed. The existing supportive living facility, constructed circa 1961, will be demolished once the new facility is completed.

Member of Parliament for Macleod John Barlow and Alberta Minister of Seniors and MLA for Athabasca-Sturgeon-Redwater the Honourable Jeff Johnson made the announcement this morning at Crestview Lodge. Barlow spoke on behalf of Canadian Minister of State (Social Development) the Honourable Candice Bergen. Opening and closing remarks were made by Municipal District of Pincher Creek No. 9 Reeve Brian Hammond. Town of Pincher Creek Mayor Don Anderberg also spoke. Both Anderberg and Hammond were visibly moved by the announcement during their remarks. Both of them were also lauded by Johnson and Barlow for their lobbying efforts toward the project. Hammond is Chairman of the Pincher Creek Foundation Board and Anderberg is a former board member.

Pincher Creek Foundation
Sahra Hancock, architect George Berry, Mayor Don Anderberg, Reeve Brian Hammond, Town Councillor Lorne Jackson, MD Councillor Garry Marchuk, Town Councillor Doug Thornton, Facility Manager Millie Loeffler, Gayle Stephen, Cowley Mayor Garry Hackler

The Pincher Creek Foundation also manages Canyon Manor (12 apartments), Willow Court Cottages (12 units), and twelve 2-3 bedroom apartments for low income families.

Also in attendance were the other members of the Pincher Creek Foundation Board, former Livingstone-Macleod MLA and current Conservative candidate for the riding Evan Berger, and of course the enthused tenants of Crestview Lodge. Prior to the announcement Mayor Anderberg observed that many of Crestview’s current tenants were involved “dramatically and directly” when Crestview Lodge was being planned and constructed some 55 years ago.

Mildred Allred (102 years old) shares a laugh with John Barlow and Jeff Johnson
Mildred is Crestview Lodge’s oldest resident
An approved plan for the new Crestview Lodge facility created by Berry Architecture and Associates of Red Deer was represented by artist renderings on display at the event (see those below). Architect George Berry was present for the announcement, and he said it was a “shovel ready” project that is expected to begin in late summer or early fall of this year. It is anticipated construction of the new facility will be completed by late 2017.

The Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta are jointly contributing the $9,800,000 under the Investments in Affordable Housing Agreement 2014-2019, and additional funding will be provided by the Pincher Creek Foundation.

Minister Jeff Johnson and Crestview Lodge CAO/Manager Millie Loeffler
MP Barlow said “The Government of Canada is pleased to partner with all levels of government as well as Pincher Creek Foundation to provide quality, affordable housing through the development of this new lodge. This project will benefit Pincher Creek and area county residents by developing needed housing for seniors of this community.”

“We know there is a direct connection between having safe, stable housing and a senior’s overall well-being,” said Minister Johnson. “Our commitment is to build quality accommodation options that meet a variety of needs. This investment helps ensure seniors can stay in their communities, close to family, friends and neighbours.”

Reeve Brian Hammond and Evan Berger

Town Councillor Lorne Jackson, Assistant for John Barlow Wanda Sommerfeldt, John Barlow, Gayle Stephen

MD Councillor Garry Marchuk, Town CAO Laurie Wilgosh, Town Councillor Lorne Jackson

Lorraine Hammond and Town Councillor Doug Thornton examine the architectural drawings
The illustrations of the planned new facility were greeted with what can best be describes as oohs and ahs by many, including board members, staff, and future tenants. It was praised for its variegated exterior colour scheme that avoids the monochromatic institutional look common to such structures in the past. Two floors of living units will offer a view of the adjacent Pincher Creek Golf Course to the south for some, and a less picturesque but also less windy view to the north for others. A larger parking lot will occupy much of the area currently occupied by the existing structure once it has been replaced and demolished.