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Welcome to Modesto Zip Code, where you can explore the unique zip codes of this charming city.

We’re all about discovering what makes Modesto so special, from the culinary delights to the historical sites and everything in between. Together, let’s dive deep into Modesto’s zip codes and uncover the secrets that make it such a great home for those who live here.

Modesto CA zip code

Modesto, California is located in Stanislaus County and has a population of approximately 201,165 people according to the most recent census data. The zip codes for Modesto are 95350–95358 and 95397.

There are seven main zip code areas that make up the city of Modesto. They are as follows: 95350, 95351, 95352, 95353, 95354, 95355, and 95356. In addition to the seven main zip codes of Modesto there is one “extended” Zip Code which encompasses the Salida area: 95354.

The city is serviced by two US Postal Service locations in Modesto including a post office at 1024 G Street (zip code 95350) as well as a branch lobby at 6235 Pacific Avenue (zip code 95355).

Apart from these two general service facilities you will find multiple private mail centers that offer copier services and limited postage services within most zip codes of Modesto.

Modesto California zip code

The Modesto, California zip code is comprised of four separate zip codes. Each area code identifies a smaller geographic area inside the greater Modesto community.

Whether you are looking for a specific zip code in Modesto or just trying to find out what the zip codes are here, this guide will provide the information you need.

The primary zip code for Modesto, CA is 95351; however, there are several others that span the geographic confines of this community. Here is a breakdown of all authorities’ four zips:

  • 95351 – Central and East Modesto
  • 95352 – West and South Modesto
  • 95356 – Kilgore Road near Beard Industrial Park
  • 95357– Sly Park Road

Downtown Modesto zip code

Downtown Modesto is located in Stanislaus County, California and is part of the growing Central Valley metropolitan area. The official ZIP Code for downtown Modesto is 95354.

Downtown Modesto includes old-fashioned neighborhoods, a variety of shopping opportunities, a growing arts and entertainment district as well as a multitude of civic institutions. Many desirable restaurants, unique stores, and special boutiques are just a few of the landmarks within walking distance in Downtown Modesto.

Popular local events such as The Cruise on Yosemite Blvd., the Modesto Marathon and many others add to the character and ambiance of downtown throughout the year.

modesto library zip code

Modesto is a city in California’s Central Valley and is the county seat of Stanislaus County. It lies in the San Joaquin Valley, approximately 90 miles (140 km) east of California’s capital city of Sacramento.

The Modesto Library is located at 1500 I Street in downtown Modesto and its zip code is 95354. The library provides books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, audio books, video games and information services to users with library cards.

The library offers a range of programs for all ages including:

  • Storytimes
  • Book clubs
  • Author talks
  • Craft projects
  • Tech tutorials

They also provide access to computers for patrons to use for research or recreational purposes as well as access to Wi-Fi networks for public use.

Additionally, they offer other services such as daily newspapers delivery, holds pickup on requested items from inside the library or from off-site partner locations across the city.