Sunday, June 14, 2020


Memories of Earth - C. Davis

It took me a couple of years to get enough perspective to write this, plus I've been busy, sorry for the delay.

For the better part of a decade Toni and I worked very hard, with the help of so many of you, to help Pincher Creek see itself.  Away from that role now, I still see how we succeeded, how our concept proved itself.  We were heard around the world and in the legislative bodies.  Traffic beyond my wildest dreams, way more traffic than I could sell.  And that's how we failed, as if it wasn't obvious to us within the process, the proper commercialization of it eluded us.

Thank you so much to all of you who helped, who read, who amplified, who critiqued, who utilised, who idealized, who scrutinized, and yes, even to those of you who tried to squash it and make it go away.  You all helped inform the stories we tried to tell, which was your story.

We also ruffled a lot of feathers, as a routine part of respecting the job by doing it.  Every ruffle was revenue or potential revenue lost. At this point in time I still can't calculate which truth costs us the most.  I've just about paid it off, so it doesn't really matter anymore.

I truly hope those of you who got it get how rare it is to be provided with that much community introspection and exhibition, without regard for the commerce of it.  We showed the world everything, and maybe that was too much, but to be a passive lens is to forswear judging those kinds of things.

If I could I'd take back three of the 8 years we did it, frankly, for personal reasons, but sometimes when you're in it you're in it.

I suspect somebody we thought of as "interesting kid at the science fair" or something will decided to try their hand at it, and if they're properly placed in the community, and to them I would say it's quite doable, but make sure you have a good salesperson.  There isn't a fortune to be had, no, but there's good income potential.

To that end, I'm leaving this site up, as I pare it down to a best-of.  It's an interesting document of an interesting community right before the world changed forever again.


Christian Davis, former bottle washer

Friday, September 14, 2018

Boundary Wildfire affecting Waterton

The U.S. Northern Rockies Type 1 Incident Management Team is using heavy helicopter on the Boundary Wildfire when wind permits. Parks Canada / John Stoesser photo

Waterton’s Boundary Wildfire website and Facebook and Twitter
Northern Rockies Incident Management Team 1 updates for the Boundary Wildfire

Parks Canada

September 13, 2018; 12:00

During the overnight period, cooler temperatures and precipitation resulted in no fire growth.

Working on the ground under the direction of the U.S. Northern Rockies Type 1 Incident Management Team (IMT), the initial attack teams from Banff, Kootenay and Grasslands national parks will continue extinguishing any hot spots that may be present. The U.S. IMT and Parks Canada are coordinating efforts and are in constant communication.

The forecast is looking favourable with cooler temperatures and precipitation in the form of rain with the potential for snow in the coming days. With this trend towards cooler weather and an increase in precipitation, Fire Managers are confident that there will be no significant fire growth within Waterton Lakes National Park.

As of 10:00 a.m. on Friday September 14th, 2018, the Bertha Lake Trail, and Bertha Lake and Bertha Bay Backcountry Campgrounds will re-open. The Lakeshore Trail beyond Bertha Bay Backcountry Campground will remain closed.

Spotting fake bank notes

RCMP Alberta - All Canadian bank notes have security features that are reliable, quick and easy to use. By making it a habit to check two or more of these features whenever you accept notes - large and small - will help to intercept counterfeits and keep them out of the till and out of your change.

Mischief to Fort Macleod Lions Ball Diamond

RCMP Alberta - Sometime between the hours of 8:00 pm on September 5th and 8:00 am on September 6th, 2018 unknown suspects entered the concession booth at the Lions Ball Diamond in Fort Macleod and proceeded to splash paint all over the walls and floor causing a considerable amount of damage.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

2018 Heritage Acres Special Events


Mark your Calendars!
Hours of Operation 9:00am to 5:00pm (Closed Sundays)
May 22 – September 15, 2018
Tel: 403-627-2082

October 12 Harvest Gala

You will enjoy the music and the wonderful supper.

December 7 Candle Light Christmas Church Service

A traditional Christmas Church service by candle light

December 8 Breakfast With Santa

This event is all about the children and Santa

Hours of Operation 9:00am to 5:00pm (Closed Sundays)
May 22 – September 15, 2018

Heritage Acres Farm Museum
Box 2496
Pincher Creek, Alberta
T0K 1W0

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Caring for neighbours

Ruth and Naomi by Jan Victors, 1653 (Wikimedia Commons)
Joyce Sasse - “You will strop by and visit often,” my elderly neighbour implored as he got out of the car. “Don’t forget.”

The request was touching. We had come home from the picnic shortly after eating because he was feeling chilled, a bit confused, and quite stumbly. Both he and his wife were frightened.

Solutions & Substitutions

Reena Nerbas 

Dear Reena, I was a guest at a friend’s home recently; and I was scandalized because she defrosted her raw and pre-cooked meats in the kitchen sink while she was gone to work for the day. I was afraid to eat it; as I understand any kind of raw and pre-cooked meat should be thawed in the fridge. Anonymous

GriefShare program offered at Abundant Springs Community Church

Community members who have experienced the death of a family member or friend are invited to register for the GriefShare program held at Abundant Springs Community Church. 

This program, open to people of all backgrounds, features Christ-centered, biblical teaching that focuses on grief topics associated with the death of a loved one. The video seminar features nationally respected grief experts and real-life stories of people, followed by a small group discussion about what was seen in the video. 

Stress experienced by pregnant women affects long-term health of offspring

Dr. Gerlinde Metz and Tony Montina used a Bruker 700 NMR instrument to analyze urine samples for biomarkers related to disease development.
University of Lethbridge - A new study by researchers at the University of Lethbridge and McGill University provides further confirmation that stress experienced by pregnant women has a lasting impact on the health of their children.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Safe drivers rewarded in Pincher Creek

At their August 16, 2018 meeting, council for the Town of Pincher Creek directed the Town's administration to purchase $200 in $10 gift cards from local businesses to be distributed by the Community Peace Officer to random safe drivers during the first week of September 2018.

At the same meeting council also directed the administration to set up a meeting with the Minister of Justice at the 2018 AUMA Conference (September 26 - 28) to discuss photo radar in Pincher Creek.

Town of Pincher Creek Director of Community Services Diane Burt-Stuckey to step down

Town of Pincher Creek Director of Community Services Diane Burt-Stuckey

C. Davis - According to Town of Pincher Creek Chief Administrative Officer Laurie Wilgosh's 2018 Second Quarter Report, presented to council on September 5, long-time Town Director of Community Services Diane Burt-Stuckey "will be leaving once the position has been filled later this fall. Quite a few applications were received and interviews will be conducted in early September. Given Diane's long and immense contribution to the Town, these will be big shoes to fill. Other potential positions and or restructuring is also being considered by the manager's of all departments."

Friday, September 7, 2018

2018 Pincher Creek Rodeo Parade and pancake breakfast

Local council members serving breakfast
Toni Lucas - The 2018 Pincher Creek Rodeo Parade was held Saturday, August 18, after the Humane Society Pancake Breakfast. The pancake breakfast was hosted by councillors from both the Town and MD.  The parade featured 'Chose Your Own Adventure' as the theme. The Chamber of Commerce hosts the parade every year. Parade organizer and Chamber Administrator Ola Crook said, "There were some great ideas on the theme. The floats were really awesome this year." Even the smoke of the local fires hanging in the air did not deter the crowds.

Walk for MS to raise a mom's spirits

Jeff Wishart 

Toni Lucas - Jeff Wishart, a carpenter from Oakland Manitoba, was hiking along Highway 3 close to Pincher Creek on Friday, August 31. The reason for his journey was to cheer up his mom who has Multiple Sclerosis and to raise awareness. He started his quest on July 4, and hopes to make it to the west coast. "I had to make her be happy." Wishart feels his walk gives her something other than her disease to focus on. "She is proud but then she is worried too. But it is better than her stewing on this disease. Mom still worries, but at least it isn't about herself."

Alberta Government: Deficit drops, economic recovery on track

Government of Alberta - Alberta’s 2018-19 deficit is projected to fall by $1 billion as the economy continues to recover.  Increased exports, wholesale trade, manufacturing and earnings all point to an ongoing and broad-based economic recovery.

Blood Tribe man killed in hit and run incident near Lethbridge Airport

RCMP Alberta - On September 4 around 4:50 am on Highway 5 near Township Road 82 two people were walking on Highway 5 southbound. The man and a woman had just left the Lethbridge city limits walking towards the Lethbridge Airport. The man was on the southbound driving lane and was struck by a truck also heading southbound. The woman was not hit by the truck nor injured. Coaldale RCMP members, Lethbridge Police Service members, Lethbridge Fire/EMS all responded to this event. Tragically, a 26 year old man from the Blood Tribe Reserve was pronounced deceased on scene.

Opioid Information Sessions to be held throughout southwest Alberta

Chinook Arch Regional Library System - How did we get here? This is a question on many Albertans’ minds regarding the opioid crisis. The issue is widespread its effects can be seen across southwest communities - both urban and rural.

Luckily, libraries across southwest Alberta are answering the call for factual and relevant information through upcoming Opioid Information Sessions, which will take place this fall. The sessions have been coordinated through Chinook Arch Regional Library System, thanks to a grant received from the Government of Alberta’s Opioid Response Public Awareness Grants for Communities, which is administered by the Alberta Rural Development Network (ARDN).

Recall: Compliments brand Chili Powder

Canadian Food Inspection Agency, September 6, 2018 - La Cie McCormick Canada is recalling Compliments brand Chili Powder from the marketplace due to possible Salmonella contamination. Distribution: National. Click here for more information.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Two U of L researchers win Parkland Institute awards

Dr. Tiffany Boulton
University of Lethbridge - Two research projects, one on midwifery care in Alberta and the other on the use of gallows humour among the Kainai, got a significant boost thanks to research awards from the Parkland Institute.

Alberta Voice

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Life’s transitions

Joyce Sasse - September is the season for seeing young people make their transition away from home. They have been given roots. Now it is up to them to try their wings.

Norman Rockwell, in his “Breaking Home Ties” painting (Saturday Evening Post cover, Sept. 1954), presented the timeless moment so well.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Trans-Mountain decision and the aspiring emperor's new clothes

Phil Burpee - Remember that kid in school with the part in his hair and his pants pulled up too high who could always be counted on to snitch to the teacher whenever anybody was having too much fun? Yeah – that one. Ever wonder what happened to him when he grew up? Well, wonder no more. Behold Jason Kenney of the UCP, pompous and tin-pot ridiculous, sidling up to the podium to make righteous pronouncements on affairs of the day which might as well be issuing from his nether-regions for all they are of any substance beyond gusts of overly-warmed air. It would actually be laughable were it not for the fact that he craves, or more accurately, lusts after leadership of this great province. Let the aspiring emperor’s new clothes be therefore studied carefully.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Waterton Lakes National Park open to visitors (Boundary Wildfire updates)

Fire Information Update - Boundary Wildfire - August 31, 2018; 16:25

Parks Canada - Waterton Lakes National Park is open and ready to welcome visitors. Most recreational activities and tourism opportunities are available.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

The big red barn gets a new coat of paint in time for winter

photos courtesy Heritage Acres
Heritage Acres with the support of Federated Co-op and their 'Communities in Full Colour'  program and a whole lot of volunteers painted the Vogelaar/Zoeteman barn ranch red on August 9 and 10. Member of Parliament for Foothills Alberta John Barlow was one of the many volunteers who donned work clothes to lend a helping hand.   A contractor painted the higher portions of the project.  The barn was moved to Heritage Acres in 2014, and has since been  re-roofed, windows have been replaced, and the new coat of paing finishes the exterior.  Related link:  The Barn Move

Braden Barber (Heritage Acres) and MP John Barlow
Rick Bell, rarely seen without an ancient tractor
Leonard McGlynn

Calf scramble winner happy to be 'in the running'

Carter and Jake Anderson
Toni Lucas - In a matter of minutes at the Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo on Saturday August 18th  the Anderson family won two bikes during the Windyview calf scramble. Eight-year-old Jake won in the 9 and under category, and 11-year-old Carter won in the ages 10-12 run. Both brothers were delighted with their bikes.

Infinite Scroll